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Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh. 

It’s a rare privilege speaking to the young Dangotes, upcoming Otedolas, and of course future Abdussamads at this gathering of intellectual young Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors of various businesses and investments across Sokoto – tagged CEO’s Breakfast organized by StartUp Sokoto with a theme: “Leadership Breakfast Conference: Guiding the Way into the 21st Century”. 

This kind of business networking conference is becoming necessary especially looking at the sophistication of the 21st century business model operandi. The contemporary business world is dominated by series of networking, innovation, and intelligence. 

That’s the reason it becomes necessary to join the trend, to be able to catch up with the challenges and reality of the current market solutions. 

I wanted to be in your midst in person, but some official engagement away from the state have carried me away. However, I am with you in spirit and share your commitments. I’m NOT only a Honourable as most of you know me to be, but a successful businessman and trained entrepreneur as well. 

I studied Economics and was able to go through the walls of the popular and historic Lagos Business School and Harvard Business School London as well. 

And as someone who worked with Dangote Group of Companies, I wish I were with you in person to share so many life experiences with you, the young CEOs.

In order to support young entrepreneurs as well as make the 2nd Edition of CEO’s Breakfast a success, I’ve identified about 40 young CEOs and sponsored them to the event. 

I believe listening to people like Jelani, Kashifu, and other speakers will boost their interest in business, open their eyes wide in prevailing opportunities, and give them more networking coverage in the 21st century digital marketing. 

I congratulate the organisers for their foresight and for achieving this milestone. Next time, I’ll be with you by the special grace of God. Thank you.

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