State Fiscal Transparency, Accountability And Sustainability ( SFTAS ) is a World Bank support and intervention designed to support Sokoto and other Nigerian states implement a Fiscal Sustainability Plan. Sokoto is committed to implementing Public Financial Reforms reforms under the following four key areas:

  • Increasing Fiscal Transparency and Accountability
  • Strengthening Domestic Revenue Mobilization
  • Strengthening Efficiency in Public Expenditure
  • Sustainable Debt Management

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New DLI2 - Announced and started implementation of a tax compliance relief program for individual taxpayers and businesses to mitigate COVID-19 impact

  • [su_permalink id="6340" target="blank" title="Additional Tax Reliefs & Incentives to Taxpayers to Mitigate Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic"][/su_permalink]

  • [su_permalink id="6282" target="blank" title="Extension Of Deadline For Filing Annual Tax Returns to Mitigate Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic"][/su_permalink]

New DLI3 - Improved Procurement Functions

DLI1 - Improved Financial Reporting & Budget

DLI 2 - Increased Openness & Citizens Engagement in the Budgetary Process

DLI 3: Implementation of State TSA

DLI 4: Strengthened IGR collection

Revenue Codes.

DLI 5: Biometric Registration and Bank Verification Number (BVN) used to Reduce Payroll Fraud

DLI 6: Improved Procurement Practices for Increased Transparency and Value for Money

DLI 7: Strengthened Public Debt Management and Fiscal Responsibility Framework

DLI 8: Improved Clearance/Reduction of Stock of Domestic Expenditure Arrears

DLI 9:  Improved Debt Sustainability

New DLI 10.2-Enhanced transparency and accountability of funds in the COVID-19 response and resilient recovery phases

New DLI 10.3 

New DLI 11.1:

New DLI 11.2: Provided structured tax relief in response to COVID-19 and strengthened tax administration(personal income tax and property taxation) to enhance non-oil tax collection in the resilient recovery phase

New DLI 12.2 Strengthened procurement function for COVID-19 or emergency situations and facilitated participation of SMEs in public procurement in the resilient recovery phase

New DLI 13: Established a fiscally sustainable response to COVID-19 through COVID-19 responsive budgets