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The present set up of the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning came into being in October, 2007.However, this organization by whatever name you may call it, dates back to the creation of North Western State in 1967. It is a primary agency of Government saddled with the responsibilities of coordinating all economic activities (programmes and projects) of the State and interventions by Development Partners and Civil Society Organizations. .This is achieved through generation of appropriate data from all sectors of the State which is further used for the preparation of Development Plans/Medium Term Plan and which is finally implemented annually as Budgets that consists of Capital and Recurrent Expenditures. The Ministry also monitors and evaluates the implementations so as to ensure efficiency, equity and balanced economic growth and development. The present Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning has been renamed, merged and domiciled severally from 1967 to date, but remained the same organization with the same statutory functions.

1967-1971: It was known as Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

1972: It was moved to the Office of Military Governor as Economic Planning Division.

1978: Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, Establishment and Service Matters (Economic Development as a Division)

1983: Ministry of Economic Planning (with the following Divisions, Administration, Development Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, Research & Statistics)

1986: Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

1987: Office of the Military Governor (Budget and Economic Planning Department)

1989: Office of the Military Governor (Budget and Economic Department)

1993: Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning with a separate Permanent Secretary.

1994-1998: Economic Planning Department in the Ministry of Finance under a coordinator.

1998-2003: Economic Planning Department in the Ministry of Finance under a Permanent Secretary.

2004-2006: Ministry of Finance Budget & Economic Planning

2007-Date: Ministry of Budget & Economic Planning.

2013: State Statistics Law championed by the Ministry was assented to culminating into the establishment of State Bureau of Statistics as a parastatal under the Ministry. So far this has been the journey of this important organization in the state.