Managing The Finances of The Caliphate State

The Ministry of Finance guards the state treasury and works towards ensuring Sokoto State is financially healthy and prosperous .

Data Driven

We are transforming Sokoto State into a smart government with policies designed and fine tuned based on data and analytics


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Tax Issuance

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The Ministry Of Finance

The Sokoto State Ministry of Finance is a State Government parastatal that serves to

Formulate policies on fiscal and monetary matters
Mobilizing domestic and external financial resources
Maintaining adequate reserves for balance of payment position
 Monitoring government revenue from all resources
Supervising the state’s insurance
Managing revenue allocation matters
Managing the state’s debts (if any)

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Commissioner. Together, let’s keep the momentum going.

Best regards, Honorable Abdussamad Dasuki.

Sokoto Financial Sector

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Hon. Abdussamad Dasuki‘s Memorable Moment
For Hon. Abdussamad Dasuki, April 4th will go down as most memorable. Dasuki will play host to friends, families, and business associates who will converge on Sokoto, the caliphate’s seat, to be turbanned as the Santurakin Sokoto; a title recently conferred on him by His Eminence, Sultan Mohammad Sa’ad Abubakar. To be held at the …
Sokoto’s Grant Application Template
Along with his team, Sokoto State’s hardworking Commissioner of Finance, Abdussamad Dasuki, has demonstrated the practicality of fiscal responsibility in a system with largely frail institutions of governance and attendant corruption.  In January, when Sokoto state emerged as the topmost beneficiary of the World Bank-assisted States Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS) programme, it instigated …
2-Day workshop on “Payroll Process Automation and Treasury Single Account (TSA) Management”
The Honourable Commissioner of Finance, Honourable Abdussamad Dasuki, was in Abuja this morning for the opening of a 2-Day workshop on “Payroll Process Automation and Treasury Single Account (TSA) Management” for the staff of the Department of Salary and other relevant stakeholders, organised by the Sokoto State Ministry of Finance. Other stakeholders in the attendance …

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